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“Brainious” – en film om “neurokunskap” för föräldrar

Om Brainous:

“Being a parent is very challenging since there is no recipe. Kids are so different from one another, and you can’t apply to one what worked for another. But when you understand the basics of the hard drive, you are not lost anymore. You have some point to start from. How could you fix things when you don’t know where the problem comes from? Would you dare to build an Ikea furniture without the instructions book, or fly a plane without any insights first?

As an adult, knowing how your brain works is your freedom, because you can really have an impact on your life and become the real the pilot on board. Isn’t that what we want to share with the little ones, becoming the pilot of their own lives?

BRAINIOUS is a documentary that shares “neuro-knowledge for parenting” to help children thrive and reach their full potential.

Understanding emotions with the brain in mind, the importance of mindset, or how to improve focus and learning abilities, BRAINIOUS covers a broad spectrum of subjects.”

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